Carrying Your Conversations Along

Switching to iPhone? Carry Your Chats Along!

You don't have to leave your cherished WhatsApp conversations behind when switching from Android to iPhone. Preserve every shared memory, laugh, and heart-to-heart talk.


Migrating to Android

We respect and understand how precious your WhatsApp messages are. That's why, beyond the blanket of end-to-end encryption, we've embedded options for messages to vanish after you've seen them.

A recurring wish among our users was the ability to transport chat history between different operating systems while changing phones. We collaborated closely with OS providers and device makers to weave this feature securely.

Thrilling news! We're initiating the rollout to transfer your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android, ensuring no message gets rerouted through WhatsApp. Every voice note, picture, and video is included in this migration. This feature is optimized for Android 12 and subsequent versions.

When you're setting up your shiny new gadget, you'll find a prompt, guiding you to transport your conversations securely from the old device. This transition will necessitate a USB-C to Lightning cable connection. For a deeper dive into the process, click here.

This is merely our first stride in this direction. Our vision is to empower more of you to fluidly swap platforms, taking your treasured chats on the journey with you.

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