Emojis, 2GB File Transfers, and Expanded Group Limits

Emoji reactions on WhatsApp just got a heartwarming upgrade, complete with an expansive emoji keyboard and a skin tone selector. Now, our users can share a deeper range of emotions with their dear ones, making conversations even more personal.

Last month, when we painted a picture of our ambitious plans for Communities on WhatsApp, we envisioned a space where groups, be it businesses, organizations, or friend circles, could effortlessly connect and collaborate. And the waves of positive feedback we've received have made our journey even more worthwhile.


With the latest version of the app, we've introduced delightful emoji reactions. These not only add a dash of fun to chats but also make group interactions smoother. And trust us, this is just the beginning – we have plans to incorporate even more expressive emojis in the future!

But there's more! Recognizing the need for sharing larger content, especially among students and small business teams, we've bumped up the file sharing limit. You can now send files as large as 2GB. And yes, as always, your data's safety is our priority, so every bit of it is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption. Just a little tip: for those hefty files, using WiFi might be a good idea, and our in-app counter will keep you updated on the upload or download progress.

One voice that echoed in our feedback was the desire for larger group chats. So, in response, we're gradually introducing the capability to accommodate up to 512 members in a single group chat. Crafting a private, cozy, and secure environment for communities is a task we're deeply committed to, and we believe these enhancements are a step in that direction.

We trust you'll cherish these new features, and as always, we're eager to hear your thoughts. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming months!

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