Enhanced Privacy Options: Mute Calls from Unknown Numbers and Privacy Overview

At WhatsApp, we genuinely understand how important your private chats are. It's like those whispered secrets in a friend's ear or a confidential letter you'd trust only with a close ally. That's why end-to-end encryption has always been our rock-solid foundation, ensuring that your calls and messages remain just yours. But we've taken extra steps to cozy up your privacy even more – like introducing the Chat Lock, letting your messages play a magic disappearing act, ensuring no sneaky screenshots are taken of your one-time views, and giving you the choice to ninja out and keep your online time under wraps.


Drum roll, please!  We’re now introducing two shiny new tools to our privacy toolkit: Silence Unknown Callers and the Privacy Checkup!

'Silence Unknown Callers' is like that helpful friend who wards off strangers at a party, ensuring you're not bothered. While these calls won't interrupt your groove, they'll quietly sit in your call list, just in case one of them turns out to be that friend you gave your number to last week.

And for those who like to keep all their ducks in a row, our 'Privacy Checkup' is here. It's a simple guide taking you hand-in-hand through all the privacy settings, ensuring you're comfortable and cozy in your digital space. Just hit ‘Start checkup’ in your settings, and it’s like flipping through a personalized privacy manual.


We believe everyone should have their own little safe haven for communication. That's why we’re shouting from the digital rooftops and taking this mission worldwide. Starting now, we’re nudging everyone to reconnect, send a secure hello, and remind friends and family that on WhatsApp, you always have a comfy, private corner to chat.

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