Presenting Quick Video Notes!

Remember the magic when WhatsApp voice messages brought our distant friends closer, letting our voices bridge the gap? Well, we've got something even more personal and exciting for you! Say hello to our all-new instant video messages.


Now, instead of just hearing a chuckle, you can watch your friend's eyes light up with laughter. Whether it's singing a birthday song, reacting to that latest meme, or sharing a piece of exciting news, these 60-second video snippets add layers of emotions to your conversations.

And don't worry, sending a video message is as easy as pie. Tap, switch to video mode, hold, and record. Want to go hands-free? Swipe up! Just like our voice messages, these videos will play muted by default in your chats, but a quick tap will fill your conversation with sounds. And yes, our promise of security stands strong; your video messages are wrapped in end-to-end encryption.

Keep an eye out, because this feature is currently on its way and will be ready for everyone in the next few weeks. We can't wait to see the memories you'll capture and share!

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