WhatsApp's One-Time View for Photos and Videos

In today's digital age, while snapping photos or capturing videos has become second nature, not every shared memory needs a permanent spot in our digital archives. Ever noticed how even a fleeting moment captured on most phones stays on your camera roll indefinitely?


Recognizing this, we're introducing the new "View Once" feature for photos and videos on WhatsApp. Simply put these images or videos vanish from your chat once they've been opened. This gives you the power to decide what memories linger and which ones are just passing moments.

Picture this: You're at a store and trying on a dress that you're unsure about, or maybe you just want to capture a spontaneous goofy moment, or perhaps share something more sensitive like your Wi-Fi password. With "View Once", you can send these without them hanging around in the chat.

Your privacy remains paramount. All "View Once" media, just like your regular chats, is enveloped in end-to-end encryption, ensuring WhatsApp remains oblivious to its contents. And for clarity, these will sport a distinctive "one-time" icon. Once your recipient opens the media, the message simply shows as “opened”, ensuring there's no ambiguity about its content or context.

Starting this week, we're excited to make this feature available to everyone. We're eager to hear your thoughts on this fresh and private way to share those fleeting moments.

Keen on giving it a spin? Discover how you can activate this feature .

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